This is a list of my projects. Some are broken. Some are not.

My Blog!

A little bit of self promotion can't harm right? Here is my blog. I try to write semi-frequently about things that are happening, my views and about various concepts, ideas and other random items I find interesting. All thoughts expressed are my own.
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South London Liberal Synagogue

South London Liberal Synagogue asked me to redesing their website. I made this in my free time and made it over two months and I like it. It is 100% HTML and CSS based. Bootstrap was used for easy responsive use.
I have since ceased work on this site and it has transferred owners. I will publish a write up soon.


The Citation Needed Fan Edition discord server needed a bot that was full of the awesomeness that is Citation Needed. I created a bot that aims to replicate Tom Scott as closely as possible. Who am I kidding? Really he just spews quotes into chat and sometimes crashes. He is written in NodeJS by the way.
TomBot 2.0 Repository

PHP Register

This is an ongoing project! I wanted to make something that was better than Capita SIMS and TASC PARS. It's open source and you can add stuff too. It's basically a school registration systme written in PHP.
PHP Register Repo


I started this project before my GCSE's with a friend (Kyle Arbolino) and we are now on the Alpha stage of this emoji only messenger, inspired by Matt Grey and Tom Scott's Emojli. Was originally to show off to our teachers and get them to give us actual work rathter than doing their job, but now is just because.
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I post videos here. Not much else to say really. I guess you can go and have a look, but my fancy ones are generally on Vimeo.
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I post my fancy videos here. You can find all the really nice "B-Roll" based videos here that probably are too fancy for me. I love making them though.
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I write stuff about stuff

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Who the eff is Hank?

Who the eff is Hank?
Who the eff is Hank?

How long till Hannukah?

How long? Who knows?
Find out!


Saekano. An anime\manga I like. Here is a place to view images of the heroines. I was bored at christmas.

Southern Railway Delay Tracker

The Southern Railway was awful in 2016-whenever. Because of this, I became very frustrated and wrote a simple website where people can log Southern's delays before my GCSE science exam to destract myself from the pressure. Bad I know, but hey, it calmed me down.
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